Baby Fabric Bunting

In searching for new baby gift ideas, I came across these adorable baby fabric garlands. They are perfect for a nursery, crib, or my favorite…. a hospital bassinet!



I LOVE these beautiful felt garlands!


I imagine when I have more children, I will have something similar for our first few days together at the hospital. Why not make a baby feel welcome from the beginning!

I decided I would try my hand at making a cute little baby banner out of some of my favorite fabrics.

I cut some half circles using a template and sewed up the curved edges with wrong sides facing together.

Turning all my little half moons inside out, I pressed them all nicely.

Using some fabric double fold bias type, I sewed each little scallop inside the bias tape layers.


Just like that, I had my own baby fabric bunting! This project was surprisingly easy AND fast. I was happy I could use bits of some of my favorite designer prints.


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