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Lucy Bag

Crochet Lucy Bag


This crochet tote with faux leather straps  is one of my latest labors of love.  I attempted it at the request of a friend and was excited about being creative and using vibrant colors.  I lined the bag with heavy canvas to protect the crochet exterior from getting stretched out or weighed down.  ‘Boxing’ the bottom of the bag also made it a little more “purse” like.  The faux leather straps are my go to for fancy totes and are perfect for this bag. This is one of the more expensive and laborious items to create but I LOVE the end result.  Total of about 15 hours went into this 1 bag.  I will be making more and in different color variations for the summer.  I just hope I remember to make one for myself!

3 thoughts on “Lucy Bag

    1. My finished project was 34 inches by 36 inches, which is a good size small baby blanket. A larger one would be 36 inches by 42.

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