Season for Minions!

With the sequel to Despicable Me having been recently released, I was reminded how awesome the Minions in the movie are.  I wish I could get a real life set of them to help me around the house and with work.  Closest thing I could come up with was this crochet beanie in the signature character style.  I’m working on a couple other looks for the characters but this is the one I have done so far.  I really like it!



crochet minion

Debating whether or not to add these little guys to the Etsy shop….

16 thoughts on “Season for Minions!

      1. Great! I have three little ones and the eldest two boys would be so ecstatic for minion hats! I have plans of doing all three so I have my own little hoard of minions hehe!

      2. That sounds wonderful! Drafting up patterns this week as requested by you all!

    1. Thank you. There are several ways to do the mouth. Feel free to get creative. See it on or slip stitch it on. 🙂

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