Heirloom Dolls

I have found a new love.  I’ve gone down the heirloom doll wormhole and there is no turning back! I started out with a basic pattern from 10x2Studio on Etsy and it was very user friendly. Highly recommend if you are interested and don’t know where to start like I was.  Since making a few, I have started to find my own style and have modified patterns.  I am 5 dolls in and have so many more planned!

This is Esther.  My latest doll.


Her style comes effortlessly and she is always well put together.  Her hair frizzies are difficult to tame, #curlyhairproblems, so top bun it is.  Outfit is made out of genuine leather, vintage lace leggings and a knit cowl scarf.  Esther is adoptable and listed in the Etsy shop.  She is one of a kind and there will not be another exactly like her.

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