Minion Coffee Cozy

I took a break today between R2D2 hat orders to get this little coffee cozy off my mind. I have been thinking about it for couple days and its been burning a hole in the front of my brain! Was an experimental project but I love how it turned out. This size fits around disposable… Continue reading Minion Coffee Cozy


Breast Cancer Coffee Cozy

I'm obsessed with crochet coffee cozies right now!  As a coffee and tea lover I enjoy anything related to either one of those.  Who wouldn't wanna accessories their daily cup of joe!? Coffee cozies are perfect for those super hot cups of to-go coffee where those cardboard sleeves do nothing to lower the heat level… Continue reading Breast Cancer Coffee Cozy


Gobble Gobble Turkey Hat

Things have been busy on the home front. Carving out time to fill orders and keep up with house projects. I snuck a happy project somewhere in the midst of all that. Couldn't wait to experiment with ribbon and add it to my little "turkey". I think it came out pretty good.


Storm Trooper Hat – Part 2 of Star Wars Cast

We are making progress on our fall challenge of completing Star Wars character hats.  So far it has proved quite challenging as we are creating our own patterns for most hats. Here is the Storm Trooper hat It is complete with the helmet "look" of a Storm Trooper.  Considering adding this little guy to the… Continue reading Storm Trooper Hat – Part 2 of Star Wars Cast


R2D2 Star Wars Hat

After being asked to create a few character hats, I studied and studied photos of the items requested trying to come up with patterns.  So far I have 1 of the 3 characters completed and I am CRAZY excited about it! R2D2!I've listed this little gem on our Etsy shop for anyone interested.  Take a peek!

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TUTORIAL – Crochet Minion Hat

After an unexpected positive response to my crochet minion kids hat, I was asked about providing a pattern.  I thought about trying to draft up a fancy PDF file and post it for sale, but I am no crochet expert and besides, writing a formal pattern would take me f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  I would be happier giving… Continue reading TUTORIAL – Crochet Minion Hat


Heart Gladiator Sandals

Another one of our very own creations, the baby girl heart sandal!  I love em for summer.  Design was a little tricky but after a few attempts I think I got it all figured out. I've made the sandals available in the shop for sizes newborn-18 months.  This pair in 0-3 months is looking for… Continue reading Heart Gladiator Sandals


Season for Minions!

With the sequel to Despicable Me having been recently released, I was reminded how awesome the Minions in the movie are.  I wish I could get a real life set of them to help me around the house and with work.  Closest thing I could come up with was this crochet beanie in the signature character… Continue reading Season for Minions!


Lion Shoes

I whipped up this project kinda out of nowhere and without overthinking it, for once. Without an exact pattern, I combined a basic baby shoe with an improvised lion face and tiny 'tail'. The face wasn't too difficult to make, after a couple of tries I had a design I was happy with. I wish… Continue reading Lion Shoes


Baby Police Cap

    Any crocheter/knitter will tell you about the constant WIP - work in progress.  For most its time consuming blankets, scarves, shawls, or other detailed work.  I have spent about 6 months trying to get this last project just right.  For some reason, every time I tried it, it just wouldn't come together the way it… Continue reading Baby Police Cap


Camo Crochet Ugg Boots

I decided to finally give my baby ugg boots a more boy-ish feel with a modified button strap and more grown up colors.  This camouflage yarn was perfect for just that.  I enjoy creating special things for my military folks out there so this pair for little feet is extra special.  This pair for 6-12… Continue reading Camo Crochet Ugg Boots


PINspiration – Striped Crochet Infinity Scarf

My latest inspiration from a Pinterest find came from this beautiful striped infinity scarf found at Plus3Crochet Even though we are in the middle of summer, I am thinking ahead to gorgeous winter gems.  The original post provides a little bit of instruction but not a full tutorial for this project.  I added length to mine… Continue reading PINspiration – Striped Crochet Infinity Scarf


Baby Bear Headband

Spent some time making a few of these little guys the other day. My mother in law and I shared some crafty time as she helped me complete the tiny headbands. I love that they are different from the usual flower headbands.

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WIP – Crochet Edge Flannel Blanket

WIP (work in progress) I usually wait until a project is complete to blog about it so I thought I would start writing about some while in progress. I was commissioned by a friend to make a crochet edge flannel baby blanket that will be given in a baby shower gift. The first time I… Continue reading WIP – Crochet Edge Flannel Blanket


Crochet Cowboy Boots in Brown

I revisited a pattern in my stash from The Lovely Crow for these adorable cowboy boots.  Having several color combinations in mind, I started with the brown and tan.  I have to say, it was much easier this time around than the first time I tried these tiny boots.  Probably because it has been 1 year and… Continue reading Crochet Cowboy Boots in Brown


Crochet Toddler Sunburst Dress

When I get excited about a project my OCD causes a little bit of a obession.  This one haunted me for several nights as I lay in bed planning the colors, pattern, and where to find time to squeeze it in.  This adorable dress is made up of granny squares for the bodice and gathered fabric… Continue reading Crochet Toddler Sunburst Dress


Crochet Ninja Turtles Hat

This has been another one of my favorite projects, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat.  Who doesn't love  a Ninja Turtle?! Well, maybe its a generational thing but the 80's animated series will always be classic.  I've made them up in all 4 character colors including red, blue, purple, and orange.  Here is a photo of a newborn… Continue reading Crochet Ninja Turtles Hat


Crochet Fuzzy Bunny Hat

I'm finally posting photos of a crochet bunny hat I created specifically for this past Easter.  I used a basic baby beanie pattern for the body of the hat, and then thru my old pal  "trial and error", came up with the ears.  Loops  Threads Country Loom yarn in white made the hat fuzzy and… Continue reading Crochet Fuzzy Bunny Hat


Crochet Chunky Cowl – San Jose Sharks Hockey Colors

After staring at my yarn starsh, this next color combination was a no brainer. Our local hockey team colors are turquoise, orange, and black... all of which I have plenty of. I normally keep chunky cowl projects for the winter but this scarf is perfect for chilly hockey games. Very simple but the striped make… Continue reading Crochet Chunky Cowl – San Jose Sharks Hockey Colors


Crochet Newborn Crown

Little Rays of Sunshine has the cutest crochet crown posted on the blog! The free pattern was simple and easy to follow. I made these up in no time using left over yarn. This gold yarn is unisex but I immediately made up some pink and blue crowns, which I have yet to photograph. I… Continue reading Crochet Newborn Crown