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UPcycled – Metal Grates into Pin Board

 Playing catch up on the blog to show everyone all the awesome projects we've been tackling at home.  While working on the custom thread holder a couple of weeks ago, we simultaneously took on a memo board of sorts. Awesome transformation right?? A little background first, my crafty friend Heather and I have a favorite salvage… Continue reading UPcycled – Metal Grates into Pin Board


Teeny Tiny Crochet Bow and The Angry Bird

This week's happy project is this awesome crochet bow. This lilac color is one of my all time favorites and can be seen in a lot of my yarn work.  The bow is on a chain and can be worn as a headband or even as a bowtie! Find it here in the shop. Dog Chronicles:… Continue reading Teeny Tiny Crochet Bow and The Angry Bird


Springtime Crochet Owls

I've been so preoccupied with house projects that my poor crochet hooks have started to feel neglected.  To remind myself how much I love that craft I brought out some of my favorite owl creations that were stashed away.  Took the opportunity to photograph them for the Etsy store. This toddler "purse" is done in a single crochet… Continue reading Springtime Crochet Owls

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UPcycled – Vintage Frame Thread Holder

When I first set up my craft/sewing room I set out on the hunt for the run of the mill mini rack spool holder for my small collection of thread.  Unfortunately there is not a variety of thread storage available at the big name stores.  Not to mention they are not cheap!  I caved and bought… Continue reading UPcycled – Vintage Frame Thread Holder

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Garlic Sprouts and the Fight for the Sunny Window

After getting my herb garden going I was inspired to continue with some other edibles.  We've all seen the images floating around the interweb of "how to regrow your veggies".  This concept isn't new to me as I've always watched my mom and grandmother propagate plant/tree cuttings like magic.  I thought about planting some garlic cloves to see… Continue reading Garlic Sprouts and the Fight for the Sunny Window

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PINspiration – Be The Good Sign

This phrase has been on my mind for a long time now.  Saw it first floating around on Pinterest, of course.  I have plenty of empty wall space screaming at me for good ideas.  I love how the "Be The Good" stands out from the whole thing!  This is going to make a great daily… Continue reading PINspiration – Be The Good Sign


Yoda, R2D2, and a Great Dane Jedi

More of our regularly scheduled programming..... yes, more crochet coffee cup cozies.  This is not stopping anytime soon by the way. How can I when when I got this awesome little Yoda and R2 to brag about! * After lots of trial and error, both can be found in the Etsy shop! ************ Dog Chronicles:… Continue reading Yoda, R2D2, and a Great Dane Jedi

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PINspiration String Art

The latest Pinterest search for good DIY decorating projects resulted in one of the coolest DIY blogs I have ever laid my eyes on.  Her name is Mandi and she is Vintage Revivals.  Her ideas are HUGE and I love alllll of them.  I am obsessed with her blog, and might or might not stalk… Continue reading PINspiration String Art


Princess Leia Cozy

I have yet to get tired of making cozies.  Remember the Thanksgiving cozies last year that started it all? I have been experimenting with all kinds of designs this week.  Some not so successful but others turn out as awesome small bits of hand-held happiness.  Scored a big win today with this Princess Leia inspired… Continue reading Princess Leia Cozy

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Gardening With Dinosaur Dogs

Its the first day of Spring! We are excited... can't you tell?  The sun is really cutting into naptime. Been juggling house projects, shop orders, and this head/chest cold that will not go away.   Lets throw in a gardening project for the heck of it.  Every year around this time I tell myself to get… Continue reading Gardening With Dinosaur Dogs


Thrifting and Owl Tot Moccs

Thrifing has found its way into my life once again. Lets be honest, its cheap, unique, and I'm always up for a challenge.  Craigslist has been the major culprit and I've gotten pretty lucky on some really good finds for the house (blog posts to come).  My crafty friend and I ventured out on a rainy day… Continue reading Thrifting and Owl Tot Moccs


Spring Crochet Heart Hair Clips

Spring is coming! I forgot how much I love to crochet these small hearts.  They are quick to make up and can be used for so many different things.  This day I was in the mood for hair clips. I picked up some simple metal snap hair clips and grabbed some left over yarn in… Continue reading Spring Crochet Heart Hair Clips


CfC Tot Mocs

Our very own Tot Mocs have landed! I have had it on my mind to make these baby shoes for over a year.  There are so many versions of the baby moccasin out there now that the amazing Freshly Picked has exploded on the baby shoe scene.  Some are good copies, while others use plastic… Continue reading CfC Tot Mocs

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Finally a Finished Room!

This week we are celebrating a finished room in our home!  Happy dance! .... I am the queen of unfinished projects.  I used to be in denial when my dad would tell me that growing up, then my husband started calling me out on the same thing.  Sooo our goal for the year has been… Continue reading Finally a Finished Room!


Yellow Puff Stitch Cowl and Sink Fountains

The puff stitch is one of my favorite crochet stitches and is very fun to create with.  I've got quite a stash going of these gorgeous infinity scarves, my favorite colors so far are the tiffany blue and canary yellow.  These scarves are light enough for spring yet warm enough for fall.  I am known… Continue reading Yellow Puff Stitch Cowl and Sink Fountains


Newest Character Hats

I used some of my free time this week to finally whip up some of the character hats on my never ending project wish list.   With no pattern, my trusty hooks, some trial and error, and signature character colors... here's what I was able to create... Plex - Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa - Yo Gabba… Continue reading Newest Character Hats


Baseball Themed Coffee Cozy and No Shame in the Crochet Game

This was my attempt at a baseball coffee cup cozy.  I made it in San Francisco Giants colors as a gift request for a baseball fan.  Sometimes the smallest projects are the most challenging! The tiny "baseball" was tough, but it looks really cool! My husband and I like to getaway from our daily grind… Continue reading Baseball Themed Coffee Cozy and No Shame in the Crochet Game


Crochet Tiny Bows

Thought I would finally share these tiny crochet bows.  There is nothing super crazy or special about how I made them.  Just your typical crochet rectangle which I cinched in the middle to create the bow look.  I attached them to an extra long crochet chain so that the chain can be tied to fit… Continue reading Crochet Tiny Bows

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My Grinch-mas

I hate Christmas.  I know, it sounds harsh.  But I found myself saying that repeatedly this past holiday season.  This time of year is extremely difficult for me.  I get stuck in this grinch of a mood and throw even more pity parties for myself than usual.  Everywhere there is Christmas music, the smell of… Continue reading My Grinch-mas


Operation: DIY Doggie Coats

As you can tell from the 'Dog Chronicles' included in a lot of my posts, Ivy the Dane plays a big role in my life.  I swear I know all her quirks, likes, and dislikes....regardless of how crazy my husband thinks I am for thinking  that way.  She is a welcomed distraction in my life.… Continue reading Operation: DIY Doggie Coats