Camo Crochet Ugg Boots

I decided to finally give my baby ugg boots a more boy-ish feel with a modified button strap and more grown up colors.  This camouflage yarn was perfect for just that.  I enjoy creating special things for my military folks out there so this pair for little feet is extra special.  This pair for 6-12… Continue reading Camo Crochet Ugg Boots


Crochet Cowboy Boots in Brown

I revisited a pattern in my stash from The Lovely Crow for these adorable cowboy boots.  Having several color combinations in mind, I started with the brown and tan.  I have to say, it was much easier this time around than the first time I tried these tiny boots.  Probably because it has been 1 year and… Continue reading Crochet Cowboy Boots in Brown


Crochet Baby Cowboy Boots

I love challenges!  So when someone finds something that catches their eye and they say to me "do you think you could make this for me?", I jump at the chance to prove that I can.  Some of my favorite hand crafted items have come about this way.  One of my recent 'nailed it!' moments… Continue reading Crochet Baby Cowboy Boots